Mobile Massage in Conyers, GA - When Convenience Meets Relaxation

Spa Theory’s on-demand massage services have made getting a spa-quality in-home massage in Conyers more accessible than even before. Not only that, but you can pick from several specialized massage techniques to address a range of issues, including injuries, aches, discomfort, inability to fall asleep at night, and more.

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Spa Theory’s fully-qualified and specialized massage therapists can deliver a range of specialized and ancient mobile massage techniques to the highest level, and bring the one you want to you.

Swedish Massage

A classic, head-to-toe massage therapy designed to help you feel the ultimate relaxation and calmness in your body and mind. It’s the perfect choice if you want to step away from your stressors in life and truly enjoy a spa-quality massage in peace without leaving your home.

Deep Tissue Massage

Chronic pain and general body discomfort can really take a toll on your physical and mental health. A deep tissue massage can help you alleviate the suffering by reaching nice and deep into the problematic areas and massage away any muscle knots, tension, or soreness that doesn’t seem to go on its own. It can be uncomfortable at times, but you will feel so much better after.

Sleep Massage

During a sleep massage, your specialized therapist will perform slow, gentle strokes and long, flowing movements to promote relaxation across your entire body. As a result of the deep state of relaxation you’ll find yourself in, falling and staying asleep throughout the entire duration of the night will be easier than ever before.

Sports Massage

Big into sports? Like to keep fit and keep on getting better? Spa Theory’s sports massage service is made for people just like you. The benefits of this type of massage therapy include faster recovery from physical activity or injury, better range of motion and general performance, increased blood flow, alleviate muscle soreness and fatigue, and above all, it will help you feel a deep sense of relaxation.

Prenatal Massage

Exclusively available for mothers to be, our prenatal massage can help pregnant women safely address pains, aches, and swelling they may be experiencing during pregnancy. Whether you’re 12 weeks or 30 weeks into your pregnancy, it’s never too early or too late to give yourself and your baby a deep sense of relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage

A deeply therapeutic ancient massage technique where water heated volcanic stones (they are great at retaining heat) are placed across your entire body to promote muscle relaxation, circulation, and peace without the use of any physical pressure. A great choice of a massage if you are new to massage therapy or are sensitive to the touch.

Couples Massage

A massage therapy where you and your partner can individually decide on the luxury massage therapy you’d like to enjoy, together, at home. Pick the time and place and not one but two massage therapists will be sent out to help you and your partner rejuvenate in each other's company.

Back-to-Back Massage

An in-home massage service not for one, but for two people. Our back-to-back offer allows both you and your plus one to decide on the massage technique you want to enjoy, and our mobile massage therapist from Conyers will provide your party with a relaxing spa-quality treatment of your choice one after the other.

How It Works

Our on-demand luxury mobile massages in Conyers allow you the complete flexibility to choose what type of massage you want, when you want it, and where you’d like it to take place.

Once you have provided us with the necessary information, a specialized in home massage therapist from Conyers will prepare everything necessary for your massage appointment, and bring your desired spa-quality massage to your doorstep.

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Marcus - massage therapist

Spa Theory Massage Therapists in Conyers, GA


Marcus has been licensed in massage therapy for ten & a half years. He specializes in deep tissue massage. Marcus loves the flexibility and freedom while offering mobile services while making wellness accessible to his clients.

Venisha - massage therapist


Venisha uses her 14+ years of massage experience to combine the best of Swedish and deep tissue to create comforting and therapeutic treatments that are unique and customized for an amazing healing experience. With her own background in sports injuries she is dedicated to the wellness and well-being of every individual.