Mobile Couples Massage in Atlanta - Indulge in Relaxation With Your Loved One

A mobile couples massage is a fantastic way for you and your partner to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of every-day life and recharge with a well-deserved luxury massage.

Don’t go another day without feeling your best. Book a mobile couples massage in Atlanta today and indulge in the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience with your loved one.

How Do Couples Massages Work?

When you book an in home couples massage, Spa Theory will send two qualified therapists so you and your partner can enjoy a soothing and relaxing massage simultaneously. And the best thing is that it’s not necessary for you and your partner to opt-in for the same type of massage.

If you would rather go for a sports massage to help with your recovery while your partner wants to ease into a gentle and soothing Swedish massage, that is totally possible.

Ready to give way to relaxation? Book your couples massage today.

The Different Couple's Massage Options Available at Spa Theory

At Spa Theory, we offer couples several different massage options to pick from. Our most popular massage techniques include:


For our couples massage, two of our specialized massage therapists will help you and your partner to individually enjoy a massage technique of your choice. The prices for our couples massages range from $249 to $329 depending on the duration of the service (60 or 90 minutes each).


For our back-to-back massages, Spa Theory will send out one of our massage therapists so you and your plus one get to enjoy a massage technique of your choice one after the other. The prices for our back-to-back massage service is $249 for 60 minutes, and $329 for 90 minutes.

If you and your partner know what type of massage you want to enjoy, schedule your appointment for a time and place most convenient to you.

Spa Theory Massage Therapists in Atlanta

Latanya Mumford

Latanya Mumford is originally from Boston, Mass and now calls Atlanta her home. She has been in the spa/salon industry for over 20 years. LaTanya is a Master Cosmetologist and Bodywork Specialist. She enjoys making people look and feel amazing.

Latisha Lopez

Latisha has been a Liscensed Massage Therapist for 7 years. She is certified in several massage modalities such as  Hot Stone, Prenatal, Lymphatic Drainage, and Swedish to name a few. Latisha enjoys the art of massage because she loves to see her clients move better and relax after a session. She is a an elite massage therapist in Atlanta and looks forward  to meeting you when you book your next appointment with Spatheory.

Nicole Labatos

Serving Atlanta area's Beauty and Wellness needs for over 15 years, Nicole Labatos takes a holistic approach to Massage Therapy & Bodywork. Each client is met with a customized session, with the goal to relax, revive and restore overall wellness, enhancing their Mind/Body connection. Drawing from a strong background in Nutrition and Hospitality, Nicole will help you begin or continue your journey to wellness.


Can I Book a Mobile Massage for Couples For the Same Day?

As long as our qualified therapists have availability, yes, you can treat yourself and your partner to a relaxing and soothing in house couples massage of your choice. For same-day couples massage services in Atlanta, please make sure to book them as early in the day as possible to avoid disappointment.

Will Myself and My Partner Get Our Massage at the Same Time?

Yes, you will. When you book a couples mobile massage, we will send out two therapists so you and your partner can unwind and de-stress together.

Can Me or My Partner Request the Therapist to Work on a Specific Area?

Massages are designed to help you not only relax and de-stress but to also help relieve tension or pain that you or your partner may be experiencing. If there is a particular area on your or your partner’s body that needs extra attention, please make the therapist aware upon their arrival.