Mobile Couples Massage in Miami - The Perfect Treatment for You and Your Partner

Want to treat yourself and your partner to a high-quality massage but don't want to leave your house? At Spa Theory, we're all about convenience, which is why we now have a service offering a mobile massage for couples in Miami and the surrounding area. That's right, you and your partner can now quickly and easily get a massage of your choice without stepping a foot outside.

Everyone deserves to relax once in a while. Book your luxury Miami couples mobile massage today and indulge in relaxation that will leave you wanting more.

How Do Couples Massages Work?

Booking a mobile couples massage in Miami through Spa Theory is quick and easy. First, you need to decide which type of massage you and your partner want to indulge in. Then, you need to decide on a time and date that works best for you. If a massage therapist is available for your selected time, all you need to do is let us know your address and pay for the massage therapy services you've chosen. That's it.

At your selected time and date, two of our massage therapists in Miami FL will turn up at your property with all the necessary equipment to make you feel more calm and relaxed than you’ve been all week.

Different Couple's Massage Options in Miami

At Spa Theory, we offer couples in Miami a number of different massage options that they can choose from. They include:

Couples Massage

Spa Theory’s mobile couples massage allows couples in Miami to enjoy a soothing massage of their own choice at the same time. For that to happen, we’ll send not one but two of our professional massage therapists to your address.

The prices for our couples massages in Miami range from $249 to $329. The cost will depend on the duration of the service that you choose. Currently, our couples massages in Miami can either be booked for 60 or 90 minutes each.

Back-to-Back Massage

Similar to a couples massage, Spa Theory’s back-to-back massage still allows you and your partner to pick a massage technique that you want to enjoy. The main difference is that instead of two massage therapists, both you and your partner will be taken care of by one of our professionals.

As a result of that, you will each receive your soothing massage separately, one after the other. The cost of our back-to-back massage service in Miami is $249 for 60 minutes each, and $329 for 90 minutes each.

If you and your partner know what type of massage you want to enjoy, schedule your appointment for a time and place most convenient to you.

Our Massage Therapists in Miami


Heidi has over 20 years of experience as a holistic health practitioner. She has also obtained her Physical Therapist Assistant license which, has added more of a sports and therapeutic approach to her massages. With an extensive background in anatomy and physiology, she takes pride in her ability to customize her massages to meet each client's specific needs.


Zuhdieh uses intuitive healing through touch and listening. Whether you are an athlete who needs body work or an overly stressed CEO who needs to unwind the mind she is the one for you. She performs a variety of modalities from Swedish to Therapeutic to Shiatsu to the basics of assisted stretching. Each massage is tailored to your needs.


Alexander is a licensed Massage Therapist with over 9 years of practice. As a Professional Natural bodybuilder in the recent past, he loves to work with athletes. He studied Yoga Science and Ayurveda in India, Thai Massage therapy at Was Pho School in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. His sessions are personalized to achieve the most astonishing results on body and mind.

Foot reflexology, Mobilization and deep stretching. He provides massage services for plus size patients on the massage mat if needed.

Mobile Couples Massage Miami FAQs

How Long Do the Massage Sessions Typically Last?

When booking your in-home couples massage in Miami, you will be asked to pick how long you want your massage session to last. At the moment, we only provide either 60 or 90-minute massage sessions. These time frames go for all types of massage techniques our therapists offer.

Is Each Massage Therapist Certified and Fully Vetted?

We take the satisfaction as well as the safety and security of our customers extremely seriously. Before making a massage therapist part of our team, we thoroughly vet them and make sure they possess the necessary licenses, certifications (from massage school), and experience to give our customers the best massage experience possible.

I’m Visiting on Business. Can I Have My Massage in My Hotel Room?

As long as there is sufficient space and the place you're staying at allows external people to come to your room, you can get your massage in your hotel room. Our massage therapists that offer an in-house couples massage in Miami are very flexible and can also come to your office, AirBnB, or another location that you're staying at.

Do the Therapists Use a Massage Chair or a Massage Table?

All of our home massage therapists will bring a massage table with them when visiting you and your partner for your couples massage. We don't believe a chair massage is anywhere near as relaxing and effective compared to getting a massage on a professional massage table.