Corporate Massage: Boosting Employee Morale

Chair Massage

In today's fast-paced corporate world, employee well-being is more crucial than ever - especially as workers are now more demanding and pickier about where they work than ever. To make workplace life attractive, companies are continually searching for innovative ways to reduce workplace stress and boost morale, but what about a perk that not only enhances employee wellbeing but could actually benefit the cohesion of your workplace too? Enter corporate massage: not only does the possibility of a workplace massage promise relaxation for employees, companies can also access a host of tangible benefits with this unique perk. 

So - what is corporate massage therapy and how does it fit into the modern office setup? Let’s read on and take a look.

What is Corporate Massage?

At its core, corporate massage refers to therapeutic massage services offered within the workplace; these can range from short, 10-minute chair massages to more extended sessions, depending on the company's preferences and resources. Unlike traditional massage setups, corporate massage services are specifically designed to be portable and adaptable, fitting seamlessly into office environments.

Benefits of Corporate Massage

Workplace Stress

With mounting deadlines, long hours, and high expectations, the modern workplace can be a breeding ground for stress and tension. Offering massage services provides your employees with a much-needed break, allowing them to rejuvenate and return to their desks with a refreshed mind.

Physical Strain

It's not uncommon for employees, especially those working at desks, to develop posture-related issues or experience discomfort from repetitive tasks; a corporate massage can be particularly beneficial for such strains, much like a massage for strained muscles, targeting specific pain points and providing relief.

A Tangible Perk

In an age where companies are vying to attract top talent, unique perks like corporate massage services can set your organization apart; it sends a clear message to potential and current employees that their well-being is a priority.

Boosted Productivity

Corporate massage isn’t just good for employees, it’s a perk for employers, too! Why? It’s simple: a relaxed employee is more likely to be a productive one. By addressing physical discomfort and reducing stress, on-site corporate massage can enhance focus and efficiency amongst staff members, leading to better overall output.

How to Incorporate Massage into Corporate Culture

To successfully integrate corporate massage into the workplace, companies should consider the following:

  • Frequency: Decide whether massages will be a one-time event, monthly treat, or perhaps a quarterly wellness day.

  • Location: Designate a quiet space within the office where employees can relax without distractions during their massage session.

  • Duration: While some companies opt for shorter sessions to accommodate more employees, others might prefer longer, more in-depth massages.

  • Not for Everyone: While every staff member should have access to a work massage, remember that it might not be for everyone; don’t take it personally if certain staff members would rather sit it out (and don’t try to force them to get one either!). 

Why Embrace Corporate Massage?

Enhanced Employee Morale

At the heart of every successful company is a team of motivated, happy, and engaged employees - especially when staff’s efforts are rewarded. Corporate massage services can be a great way to acknowledge your team’s hard work and dedication, and in turn, can help boost morale and foster a sense of appreciation for staff members.

Reduced Absenteeism

Regular massage sessions can help in the early detection and alleviation of stress-related issues, potentially leading to a decrease in sick leaves and absenteeism. Massage is also great for the immune system, as it stimulates blood flow and lymphatic flow throughout the body, so you might find your employees coming down with colds and flus at a much reduced rate. 

Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle

By introducing massage as a wellness initiative, you can indirectly promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle to your staff, encouraging employees to take better care of their physical and mental well-being. If employees take your heed to a healthier life seriously, it could mean fewer sick days, higher quality work, and an overall enhanced workplace experience. 

Strengthened Team Dynamics

Corporate massage can be a shared experience that brings team members together, facilitating bonding and improving team dynamics - so what’s not to love?

How to Pick the Right Massage Services

So, if you’re a company considering corporate massage therapy, it's essential to partner with the right service provider to ensure quality, professionalism and skill. Ideally, you’ll want to look for experienced therapists who specialize in corporate settings - but it's also worthwhile to seek feedback from employees after the sessions to gauge effectiveness and make necessary adjustments. You  might also want to consider the following:

  • Doing research 

  • Reading customer reviews

  • Enquiring about long-term availability

  • Seek massage therapists of both sexes, to ensure comfort for all employees

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