Services & Rates


Therapeutic/Deep Tissue:

This massage is focused on the deep layers of muscles in the body to release chronic pain. Going throughout your day or training session in pain causes stress, discomfort, and can lead to more irreversible muscle damage. Don't wait until you can't take it anymore.

We achieve results through myofascial release, slow firm strokes, and trigger point therapy to alleviate pain due to injuries, repetitive use and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage:

$50.00 / 30 minutes

$95.00 / 60 minutes

$125.00 / 90 minutes

Sports Massage:

This massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons so that athlete can maintain optimal performance. The ability to function during training is imperative to not only be successful during an event but also to maintaining motivation while training. Without it, your athletic activity of choice can become something that hinders you from complete health and wellness.

We achieve these results through a firm massage, stretching, range of motion, cupping therapy or hot stones as needed. We only do 90 min sessions only to ensure complete stretching.

Sports Massage:

$135.00 / 90 minutes


Cupping Therapy:

This technique is highly beneficial in reducing acute and chronic pain, restore and maintain flexibility, and increase range of motion (ROM). This method is preferred when the depth of deep tissue work is not applicable.

We achieve results by the way of plastic jars and variable vacuum pressure. If you have never heard of cupping therapy or are unsure and nervous, contact us and we are happy to share more about this method with you and if it is a good fit for you. Ultimate results with consistent sessions.

Cupping Therapy

$65.00 / 30 minutes


"A therapeutic massage - it's so much more than a just a massage. It is an opportunity to improve the quality of your life and to nurture a healthier lifestyle."