Tameika Byrd LMT (#MT115818)

Early in her career, Tameika realized that she not only wanted to help others relax, but also assist with pain management by relieving numerous aches and pains which is achieved through Medical and Deep Tissue massage. Countless clients have been relieved of chronic pains, injuries, or just everyday stress/tension through her work according to reviews per Google, Yelp, and FaceBook. She quickly climbed the ladder as being one of Houston's top Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage Therapists and she's been practicing since July 2012.

Tameika has had the pleasure of massaging several walkers of the Breast Care awareness walk sponsored by Reebok. She annually serves as one of the massage therapists at the MS-150, she gives back to the community by providing chair massages in Senior Retirement communities, and she has also had the pleasure of massaging teachers at several different campuses during Teachers appreciation week.


First Things First: Before we begin your session, we'll discuss what your goals are for the massage. Depending on your specific needs or requests, we will either perform a customized full-body massage (for general relaxation and stress reduction) or focus on areas of concern.

Ongoing Relief: While periodic massage does enhance your well being, the real benefit of massage comes from multiple therapy sessions. Discounts are offered with massage packages or our monthly massage membership, feel free to inquire about these great benefits. Tameika's goal is to provide lasting mental and physical relief for all of our clients and we're sure you'll be happy with her work.

Wow! Tameka has a highly developed deep tissue massage technique. I went to her with massive knots in my neck and traps thanks to a highly stressful job and my first 5 months as a desk warrior after being a gym warrior for years.

Natalie B.
Yelp Review


"A therapeutic massage - it's so much more than a just a massage. It is an opportunity to improve the quality of your life and to nurture a healthier lifestyle."